We love exploring the versatility of food and when we try to focus of one specific ingredient we tend to find flavors that are new to us. This is just one way that we can learn more about the foods around us.

What we are trying to achieve with the challenges that you see here is to push our boundaries of what we know about specific ingredients. It’s fun, exciting, and can be hugely rewarding when a particular recipe turns out well. There are, of course, failures and frustrations, but we take them as lessons learned. That’s all part of challenging yourself!

Check out our focused challenges and please let us know if you’ve tried anything or if you have any questions.




Current Challenge: Summer Fruits (現正挑戰:夏季水果)

  • Timeline: June~September 七月~九月
  • Goal: Our goal for the summer fruit challenge is to make dishes that are new to us with the 7 major seasonal summer fruits in Taiwan. We want to test new flavor combinations and keep things funky! 我們將用下面七種夏季水果,做出口味奇異或從沒吃過的新菜色。